Where Animal Welfare Takes Centre Stage

If you’re working with an animal model or actor during a TV commercial, show, film or online video, you are responsible for its safety and welfare. At Vet on Set, we can provide you with all the professional help and advice you need to ensure the health and wellbeing of each animal is monitored and maintained throughout their role in your production.

Whether they are looking after cats, dogs, rabbits or reptiles, our specialist team of Veterinarians, Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVN) and animal behaviourists are available to attend your shoot and provide all the necessary written documentation that confirms the animal is happy and healthy. 

Each team member will also advise your production crew on the safety and ability of each performance, and ensure the animal is examined pre and post-shoot as well as carefully observe its progress and behaviour throughout the day.

UK-wide Coverage 

Our network of Vets, RVNs and animal professionals are located across the whole of the UK, so we can meet you on set no matter where your shoot location.

Looking for the perfect model? 

Working alongside our sister company Animal Direction, we can also help you source and cast the right animal and specific breed for your next production. 

Discover more about our growing portfolio of all creatures great and small.


Animal Welfare Monitoring

Vet on Set is your directory for sourcing local animal professionals to monitor welfare during your TV production.

Pre and Post Production Advice

Vet on Set can help you at concept, storyboard and planning stage, as well as during and after filming.

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