Animal Welfare Monitoring

Clearcast, the body responsible for clearing ads for broadcast in the UK, states that it is a legal requirement to have a qualified veterinarian or officer to be present during the filming of animals for a commercial production. This is also recommended by some photographers for photoshoots but is not compulsory. 

Vet on Set works with a nationwide network of practising and retired veterinarians, RVNs and animal trainers and behaviourists, which means we have access to a broad range of skills to ensure the right professional attends and monitors your production.

We’ll also provide you with written confirmation and a Clearcast certificate that informs viewers that no animals were harmed during the filming process.

Learn more about Clearcast and the RSPCA

Pre and Post Production Advice

Once you’ve made the decision to include animals in your production, it’s important to understand the physical capabilities of each animal. So, before you put pen to paper and plan out your storyboard, contact Vet on Set and we will offer you our no obligation advice on how to work with specific animals.   

Our team of animal specialists will also help you during the post production stages to ensure you don’t receive any negative comments or complaints due to the animal performing an action that is considered unsafe or harmful to its health and wellbeing. This checking procedure will provide you with the confidence that you’re clear to broadcast and protect you and your client from any future repercussions.  

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